re: ironman.

September 16, 2009

Being my second year in Madison, I had the chance to watch the Ironman Triathlon again. I was up bright and early to bring the boyfriend to airport, and then pick him up again when his flight was canceled. But it turned out to be perfect timing to catch the swimming leg of the triathlon, which I didn’t wake up for last year.

The number of people competing was amazing. In the water, everyone spread out pretty quickly. However, when the athletes made their way back to shore, their numbers reminded me of schools of fish trying to climb out. The transition was definitely my favorite part. The majority of the swimmers are in wetsuits, which the volunteers help them take off quickly. So it ends up being a group of three of four volunteers just stripping off the wetsuit on one athlete; obviously resulting in a hilarious scene.

The rest was pretty much the same as I saw last year. The motivation of the competitors is just incredible. The weather was gorgeous for a race, though it did get a bit warm in the sun. But at least the sun helps bring out the crowds to cheer. Pictures will come when I can get them.

One comment

  1. It is an example of my male-ness that when I read the blog post’s title, I thought you were revisiting your thoughts on the Marvel superhero Ironman.

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