September 19, 2009

When too many things happen, it’s hard for me to backtrack and write everything down. To catch up without losing anything, making a list is always the best option. So here we go – the week with the boyfriend (excluding the things I’ve written about earlier – Matt and Kim and the Ironman). And pictures will be coming eventually, whenever the boyfriend gets them up somewhere online.

Dumplings: Second attempt without the family. We couldn’t find a suitable rolling pin, so we improvised and used a soda can and a beer bottle. They were not good substitutes; I do not recommend it. However, we made over a hundred, which means I have lots of leftovers. And they turned out delicious.

Devil’s Lake: Haven’t been there in years, and it’s surprisingly close. I must make more trips out there. The day was amazing – sunny, high 70’s, holiday. We went on a hike, had a mini picnic, took lots of pictures.

Henry Vilas Zoo: First time at Madison’s zoo. We saw monkeys, lions, tiger, giraffe, flamingos, sea otters, seals, peacock, ostrich, and buffalo. Even better, the animals were all pretty active, which always makes things more exciting. Plus, it’s free! You can’t beat that with how expensive zoos, aquariums, and museums are these days.

Capitol building: First time inside. Gorgeous. No tour. No visit to the observation deck. Still fun.

Oddly, the boyfriend had two flights cancelled (one on the way here, one on the way back). But they rebooked him on flights that ended up being better than the original ones. He got in earlier and left later. However, I am now skeptical of American Airlines. If anything, they didn’t even give much notice that the flights were cancelled. Not a good impression.

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