September 20, 2009

As it should be pretty obvious, I have changed the theme for my blog. And with the theme change, I had to make some slight modifications to the header. Honestly, I’m unhappy about the fact that I had to overhaul the design. I like things to stay consistent. Major changes are disconcerting and confusing (as we all learned from Tropicana’s little redesign). I also think it gives the impression of not being able to make up your mind.

Anyways, why did I change my theme if I don’t like change? And why make the change when my new theme looks very similar? See, I manage this blog through WordPress, so I’ve rarely gone to my own page. Bad idea. I overlooked the following little piece at the bottom of the theme.

previous blog theme

What in the world is this trying to tell me? I even had to click the links to figure out what was going on (“newer” and “Previous Page” go to the same place – the previous page – while “previous” and “Next Page” go to the next page). Totally unnecessary and confusing as hell. I was not about to let this stay on my blog. Unfortunately, WordPress won’t let me make tiny edits to the CSS (at least, not without paying). So I was stuck, or I had to find a new theme. Guess which I chose?

Now, I was so confused by these links, the boyfriend actually had to explain it to me. He laid out how because blogs deal with time, page-wise, older entries are to the metaphorical right, while the present is to the left. So if you follow the chronological logic, “previous” would point right, while “next” would point left. However, if you follow normal web page logic, “previous” would be left to refer to what you’ve seen, and “next” would point right, signaling new pages. Tricky, but not good enough for me to keep the links.

What do y’all think of the new design?


  1. Hum.. well to be honest, the only time I really visit the actually blog is to make comments(like right now). Your posts usually just show up on my Google Reader and I read it from there. I never even noticed those links on the bottom.

    The new look seem fine to me: simple and straightforward. Have you ever considered designing your own layout? I was tempted to for a bit, but got lazy.

    • Ah yes, I should have realized most people use a feed aggregator since that’s what I do for everything.
      Well, since I use free WordPress, I can’t do any customization of my theme, so designing my own layout isn’t really an issue. I’m not really savvy enough to design my own. But I do have fun making little modifications to others’ themes. Good example is my Tumblr layout. The theme’s not mine, but I changed colors, added some new links as appropriate, and figured out how to show the “notes” associated with each post. But by the time I finished those changes, I was frustrated enough that I know I’d never really want to do a whole layout on my own.

  2. I like it. I’m gonna miss the header/banner, that’s one of my favorite parts.

    • Well, the header is pretty much the same, but a little bit cleaned up. I’m starting to think the theme is a bit too blue though.

  3. I came to see if you had added anything new. The new theme jarred my brain so hard, I think my eyeballs hit the grey goo a bit.

    That’s not to say it’s bad. It was just so radically different. I do like its use of space better, though.

    Also, I was completely confused the one time I tried to navigate your blog. Something about the way the words were written just confused me – so perhaps you were right to change it.

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