September 30, 2009

Admittedly, I know nothing about cars. And when I say nothing, I really mean it. I don’t know what to do when I have car troubles. I don’t understand anything when people try to explain things to me. I don’t’ even know enough to ask questions to attempt to hold up a conversation. This is quite distressing to me since cars seem to be one of the topics most males (and I’m sure females too) can discuss. And since I can’t talk sports either, I am really lacking in the masculine small talk arena. But that’s really a completely separate tangent.

I went to get my car fixed this past weekend. There was a recall on something with the brake system, I needed routine maintenance, and the flat tire had to get replaced. It seems like pretty standard stuff. But I was still nervous that they would try to explain things to me and I wouldn’t understand at all. As much as I think it’s easier to just pretend to know what’s going on, if I’m clueless, I’m going to come right out and say it. This is apparently not what most people would suggest when having work done on your car.

However, my experience at Smart Motors was very reassuring. The guy helping me told me that if I’d gotten my oil changed at the normal interval, then I am probably good to go until the next mileage interval and I don’t need the routine maintenance. For replacing the tire, they didn’t have the exact kind of tire I had on my car. So rather than order it and wait, I just told them to use a different tire (having non-matching treads is something I’m totally willing to live with as long as it gets me from point A to point B). And, he explained to me how I could touch up my paint myself (I’ve had a nice little dent for a while that I’ve been too lazy to fix), so I don’t’ have any problems once winter comes.



  1. One thing I’d check with someone (male or female) who knows a lot about cars is how those non-matching treads will affect your driving when it starts snowing. (Should be any day now for you guys)

    Why small talk about sports and cars when philosophy is so much more fun?

  2. Also, I think the “related posts” they add to your blog posts is partially broken. As of right now it links to an interview about a driving video game, the CEO of GM, and a Jay Leno interview. WTF? At least the first two kinda make sense – they’re about cars and so is your blog post. But they still really don’t have much to do with what you’re talking about at all.

    • Sadly, I do not have control over my related post. It’s WordPress magic that I can’t fix.

      • I figured as much. That’s why I said “they add”. It’s part of what happens with WordPress.org vs rolling your own WP as I do. I just wanted to highlight the silliness of it all.

        This type of stuff happens a lot with gmail too. Say you call your boyfriend “sweetie” in an email, you may find in the ads on the side that they are for candy – and that’s not really helpful even though it’s reading through the content of your email. It’s the difference between parsing and understanding.

      • er…I meant wordpress.com

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