October 6, 2009

Had to make my way from Philadelphia to D.C. this past weekend and did extensive research in choosing my method of transportation. Unfortunately, flying – for such a short distance – is too much cost, not enough benefit. So I looked into renting a car. By doing that, I could leave whenever I wanted and have my own transportation once there. Sadly, the fee for being under 25 plus the extra cost of only driving one way…it would have been cheaper for me to fly. Unbelievable.

And that left a bus or a train. But the train can’t beat the $15 price of the Chinatown buses. I decided on New Century because it offered the earliest D.C. bus on a Thursday. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical. Reviews on Yelp were not entirely reassuring, and frankly, most things in Chinatown look a little bit terrible (whether they are or not). But the waiting area was fine. Nothing exceptional, nothing awful – I chose not to use the bathrooms. The people weren’t very friendly, but I chalk it up partly to working at a bus station and partly to being Chinese (ps. I don’t mean that to sound racist). The bus itself was a standard coach bus. It was relatively timely, especially given I traveling around rush hour in both cities. Definitely worth the $15.

Must do it again some time.



  1. December!

    • you know it!

  2. The car reservation fee is part of the reason I celebrated turning 25. It’s the last milestone birthday until 65 (or whatever age I can retire – since it slides).

    Not to be racist, but I always have to be careful when reading reviews of Chinese stuff (buses, restaurants, etc) because most European-Americans don’t understand the cultural differences. They usually complain that the staff isn’t attentive enough and are quick to move them out of the table when they’re done. So you have to take what they say with a grain of salt.

  3. With such low bus fares, I guess the bus companies at Chinatown cannot afford to give their staff “cultural awareness” or “customer sensitivity” trainings.

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