October 10, 2009

It’s official. The Baltimore/Washington D.C. area is my weekend vacation city of choice. It’s close to where I travel for work. There are lots of friends in the area. And family too (though I must make a better effort to actually see them when I’m around). But really, it wins because I will never get tired of the museums.

On Friday, I got to spend all day doing the tourist thing by myself. Even though my mom was very worried about me being alone, it worked out really well. I spent close to three hours at the National Gallery of Art. Despite the fact that I truly like a very select amount of art (especially museum art), I can spend a ridiculous amount of time in an art museum. Once I was done there, I got lunch at the American Indian museum and made my way over to the Air and Space museum.

Air and Space was a bit overwhelming for me. There was just so much stuff that I didn’t even know where to start. Paired with the fact that I’m not real passionate about aircrafts and space things, it wasn’t the museum for me. I just don’t like to do a lot of reading in museums, so if I don’t understand what I’m looking at, I usually just move on. Either way, I still spent over an hour there. And apparently I really need to go see the annex in Virginia, so that’s on my list for next time.

By this point, I only had time to get to the monuments before I would have to meet a friend for drinks. I love the Washington Monument, but I hate to wait in lines, so I’ve never gotten a tour. It’s also much more impressive in real life than it ever is in photographs. Moving on, I stopped at the World War II memorial, which is my favorite. It has a fountain; it has places to site; you can see both the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial from it. Speaking of which, the Lincoln Memorial doesn’t really interest me. Last, I walked by the Vietnam Memorial. To me, the wall is amazing. It’s so simple and so un-imposing compared to the rest of the monuments around it. And yet, even though I have no personal connection whatsoever to the Vietnam War, walking by the memorial somehow makes me feel like I do. The World War II memorial does not do that at all.

Of course, I am already planning my next trip, which now looks like it will be in January instead of December. I must visit the Natural History Museum.


One comment

  1. The most amazing thing about the Smithsonian museums in DC is that they are free. I would never have gone as often as I have were they expensive.

    I’m not really sure how much more you’ll like the Air/Space annex than the one in DC. It certainly feels a lot less cluttered, but it’s just rows of planes and plaques explaining what they are and from what time period.

    Have you been to the Jefferson Memorial? With the tidal basin, it’s pretty nice, but it’s even more amazing during the Cherry Blossom season.

    I only made it to the Lincoln Memorial once and it was closed for repairs. That really annoyed me as it’s far from everything else.

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