October 30, 2009

I’ve decided to try dance lessons – swing dance to be exact. It’s taken me forever to sign up because I never wanted to do it alone. And of course, none of my male friends would ever take lessons with me. This clearly would have been something for the boyfriend, but it never crossed my mind then. Anyways, I finally decided that if I kept waiting, it would never happen.

I did some research online, but ultimately signed up for lessons with Downbeat Dance based on an email I received. It helped that it was only a three-week class. Trying to plan weeks ahead is always tricky when traveling, and even with only three weeks – I still have to miss the last class. But I finished my first two classes, and it was so much fun. Alex was a great teacher. He made it a piece of cake to learn.

One of my reasons for wanting to learn dancing was so I could then go dancing. But now, since I took classes alone, I have no one to go dancing with. And I don’t feel quite comfortable enough to just try it on my own. I’m very excited to take more classes.


  1. I remember the swing dance crazy about 10 years ago. It was so much fun. While in HS I took salsa lessons to up my abilities and it was a ton of fun. I would have continued, but my partner moved away and then I was dragged into other things.

    Have you been flipped yet? I always thought that was one of the more fun aspects of swing.

    • No flips yet. Learned to be dipped and that makes me nervous enough. Not having my weight on my feet makes me uncomfortable. Though the better the dancer the guy is, the safer it feels.

      • You’re probably light enough that you don’t have to worry unless your partner has noodle arms. Trusting your partner is one of the tenants of great dancing.

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