November 1, 2009

Since it is one of my top 5 things about the fall, I obviously had a wonderful Halloween weekend. Friday night was a friend’s party. She goes all out for this holiday – decorations, food, costumes. Saturday night, I went down to State Street for Madison’s Freakfest. For those who are unaware, in the last three years, the city of Madison has really pulled their Halloween festivities under control. It’s now a paid event ($10) with several bands rather than the debauchery that used to occur. While I think it’s better for the city in general to curb the riots, damages, and arrests, I understand how it spurs articles like this, and it’s definitely not worthwhile if you don’t want to see the bands.

And the bands were really the only reason I participated. If I can see two concerts for $10, I think it’s a good deal. So I went to see Locksley (who I absolutely love so much) and Third Eye Blind (who were promoting their new album – the first in 6+ years). Locksley started a bit late. They were dressed as ghoulish doctors and put on a fantastic show. It makes me very excited for their album coming out next year (this one’s my favorite song). The crowds weren’t terrible, which was great because I was alone for the second half of their show (and not getting crushed is fabulous). And, given the 30 degree weather and being dressed as a Flintstone (I was Betty), the crowds really helped keep you warm. The only thing I’m disappointed about is the fact that the members of Locksley are from Madison, but it didn’t feel like they’re really excited to be back.

Since Locksley ran a bit long, I didn’t get to see Third Eye Blind. I got to hear the last few songs, including Jumper, Graduate and Semi-Charmed Life – which is really all I wanted to hear anyways. They sounded good, but I wish I could have seen something. And by that time, my buzz had worn off and I was freezing on the outside of the crowd. Plus I had to go to the bathroom so bad by the end of the show. The only part that killed me was the end. 3eb decided to be super appreciative of being in Madison promoting Ursa Major. It was really a bit awkward.

Last, because this is a Halloween post, the costumes coming out of Madison are amazing. I didn’t bring a camera, so I have no pictures. But I think I saw every possible costume I’ve ever wanted to be this weekend. There were the basic ghosts and ghouls, witches and wizards. The college-party staples like pimps, playboy bunnies, and sexy everything-you-can-imagine. And everything else – bananas, pumpkins, ketchup and mustard, deviled egg, naked man (it takes extreme dedication or alcohol to run around naked at the end of October in Wisconsin), Carmen Sandiego, cave people, and Street Fighter characters. One of my favorites was a group dressed as the running of the bulls – they ran down the street as a group, with the last person dressed as the bull. Quite amusing.

Hope everyone else had a good Halloween!



  1. Two bands for $10 bucks! That’s a great deal.

    And I liked the music video you linked, very catchy song.

    • Yep, all their music is super catchy. It’s that 60’s pop style they’ve got that makes it easy to dance to and sing along with.

  2. Carmen Sandiego! I am so jealous! Also, shame on you for no pics. Did you at least photograph your betty costume?

    I was in NYC for Halloween and it rocked so hard. The Village is THE place to be for Halloween. I will be posting photos to flickr (and later my blog) hopefully today or tomorrow.

    The best part was that going to photograph Otakon this year gave me the confidence to go up to people to ask to take their photos and we were able to find tons of people who fit into our schema to take photos of. I’ll save that as a surprise until I post the photos. But suffice to say we were characters from a movie and found other missing characters who were enthusiastic to be asked to join in our photos.

  3. BTW – every time you talk about the band Locksley I think you’re talking about the band Sherwood. Darn that education that linked the two names in my head.

  4. It’s FINALLY up. http://server.ericsbinaryworld.com/blog/2009/11/04/halloween-in-the-village/

    Pain in the butt to find the time to get all the photos up – it’s been super busy around here.

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