November 13, 2009

Is there a compliment hierarchy for girls? Subconsciously, I think yes. If I think too hard about – definitely yes. But why should I? They’re all compliments. And I’m a huge sucker for compliments. I may judge quickly, but I’m super easy to win over. So this is how I see it.

Cute (good for both) – I use “cute” more in reference to actions rather than looks. It also serves as a default, which means I overuse it. It’s another way for me to say “Oh I like you”.

Pretty (males = good-looking) – This is generic. It can be used for anyone who’s looking better than average. While “cute” is my default in most situations, it only works if the person is genuinely happy. If they’re not – it’s probably going to be “pretty”.

Beautiful (handsome for the boys) – Telling the truth, I’ve never called a boy handsome in my life. At least not that I can remember. “Beautiful” and “handsome” both hold a connotation of being overly groomed in my opinion. It’s like those fancy Victorian houses, where you don’t want to touch anything because you’ll mess it up.

Hot (also good for both sexes) – Not a fan of using this one. It seems so undescriptive, but maybe that’s because I never use it to describe anything (but the weather. hahaha. sorry). It might be because of Paris Hilton, but this term just seems like a joke to me.



  1. For a long time I wondered why a hotel in Paris would generate so much entertaining news, until I realized it was the name of a person. Oh well.

    • You win the thread.

  2. Interestingly, I see cute and pretty/hot as something nested inside beautiful along with personality. To me, anyone can be pretty or hot. It just requires having a physical appearance that suites the viewer. Maybe that focuses on breasts, buttocks, legs, feet, or eyes. Cute is partly physical, but it’s mostly composure.

    But, most of the time, for me to call a person beautiful, they need to combine the physical with personality and, in my specific case, a degree of cuteness.

    I think beautiful is the rarest word for me to use. Hot/pretty are as common as there are attractive women before me. And cute really depends on the girl. Of course, there’s the separate use of cute for babies/infants and small mammals/birds. (and always pandas!)

  3. Please, if you can, change the comment subscription thing. When I click on the confirmation link it tells me to log in, but I do not have a wordpress account. (Nor do I want one)

    • Oh no. That’s annoying. I’ll look to see if I can do anything, but I doubt it as I never touched the comments in the first place.

    • That doesn’t seem to happen to me. Strange.

      • Dammit, why does wordpress hate me.

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