November 17, 2009

(aka In which I link to more MySpace pages than I ever have before. I’m sorry to all the people who hate looking at those obnoxious backgrounds)

The other night I went to Mickey’s to see the National Bee Keeper Society and The Honey Slides play. It was the first time I’ve been to Mickey’s, over on the East side, all the way down Willy St. It’s an interesting space – the bar is in an old house, so it’s got the various rooms decorated differently. It’s got a bit of a retro feel with the sixties style drapes, seventies style paintings and red lighting around the main area. The people are definitely leaning toward the hipster side of the spectrum, and especially last night, significant amounts of facial hair was a must for the males. As I’m not a big bushy beard kind of girl. Definitely more of a just haven’t shaved in a while look. So I think the crowd could be more attractive (Madison does have its share of good-looking people), but I’ll chalk it up to being a fluke night.

The bands weren’t slated to start playing until 10pm. I find it a bit sad that by that time, I was already getting a bit sleepy. The Honey Slides started the show. And they did a good job. I had no idea who they were until after they were done playing, but I was a big fan of their music. It was upbeat, almost 60’s style pop fused with a little bit of country. But they played well and kept the music going. Plus they covered “Secret Agent Man”, and who doesn’t like that song? I’d be excited to see these guys perform again (if I could just figure out where they’re playing next – their page is out-of-date with their upcoming shows).

The National Bee Keeper Society was actually a bit disappointing for me. In deciding to go see this band, I pulled up their page to get a sample of their music. Sadly, the first song “Look at me” is not a good representation of what they sound like, and it almost turned me right away. But fortunately, I tried a few others, and they sounded pretty good. But the show they put on was just lacking (and not just because they didn’t get started until close to midnight). My main complaints: 1) big talkers – I am not a fan of bands that just ramble between songs. I’m not there to hear you talk, I’m there to hear you play. Acceptable things to talk about: who you are, if you’re selling CDs/merchandise/etc, thanking your opener/venue/fans. I don’t want to hear jokes, especially if they’re not really funny – save it for when you’re super famous. 2) starting covers they couldn’t finish – I love covers. I think it’s an easy way to win over an audience. But it’s very different to get a crowd excited by playing the intro to a well-known song and then suddenly stop because you don’t know the lyrics or the rest of the song. Everyone gets super disappointed then. Do this multiple times and you seem like a liar.  3) the lead singer kept turning around – this would have been less of a problem if the other band members were more in front. I’m all about engaging the whole band and not forgetting about the drummer. But seriously, your audience is in front of you. Never turn your whole back to them as if you’re playing to your drummer. It appears quite rude.


  1. I LOVE Secret Agent Man! Yay for the Oldies I heard as a kid.

    • You beat me to the “gush about ‘Secret Agent Man'” train.

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