November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving has come as a much-needed break for me this year. After traveling the majority of the month and working 12 or 13 hour shifts for almost half of it, having 5 days at home is fabulous. I haven’t even been in Madison for 5 days straight this entire month! Plus, the boyfriend came to visit for a week (last-minute decision), and I haven’t seen him since early September. It’s the holidays that I love being so close to home. It’s nice to be able to drive home and not deal with flights and lines and holiday travellers.

Unfortunately the weather has recently taken a turn for the worse. It’s been cloudy, raining, and cold for two days – though I shouldn’t complain about the cold as it’s not snowing yet. Since my extended family lives on the East Coast, my family’s always spent the holiday with family friends who live down the block. It works out nicely because usually when I come home, I don’t leave the house to see other people. These family friends don’t have children my age (the kids are my brother and sister’s ages), but they’ve still known me since I was a baby. So I do love seeing them still.

The thing I hate about Thanksgiving is that the holiday doesn’t start until late in the day. To me, the morning and early afternoon both feel like any other day. So then it’s not even a full day of holiday. Although, now that I’ve been working for over a year, I’m starting to appreciate having the day off. I guess that’s special enough for a holiday. Plus I’m playing a bit of catch-up on my blogs. – the more productive I become at work, the less personal time I spend online.



  1. Interesting thing about Thanksgiving. A lot of the people I work with start their thanksgiving “dinner” at 1300.

    It’s always so nice to have time off. Sometimes I just take a random day off so that it’s not associated with a holiday and I can just relax and do what I please. Those are often my most productive days for my personal projects.

    • In my experience, the early dinner time is usually to accommodate older grandparents who don’t stay up as late.

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