November 29, 2009

After being in Alabama for two weeks, I headed east to New Jersey and then west to Los Angeles. Both trips were for work, so it was very little excitement. These are my observations:

  1. aloft hotels – These hotels looked awesome in concept. And in a big chic city, they probably look just as good as they did in Second Life. But in the suburbs outside Camden, NJ – the neon light décor looks ridiculous. Sorry Starwood. I think it needs to be toned down just a little dependent on where you put the hotels.
  2. Couryard Marriott in Mt. Laurel, NJ has a fancy interactive screen. You can look at news stories, sport scores, airport delays, weather and nearby restaurants. Plus, the restaurant feature allows you to print directions to a nearby printer. Very handy! All hotels should have something like this. It’s like an automatic concierge.
  3. Awkward sexy art in the hospital. Actually, it was quite tasteful and not sexy at all – many little sketches of a woman. See, it looked like sketches of a woman at first. And then you look closer, and it looks like there’s another person in addition to the woman. It looked like copulating couples. But then, what hospital would put up art like that. I had to look again. It turns out it really is just a woman; the artist was just trying to capture movement.
  4. Cabs. I hate ’em. It’s a bit sad because it’s as close as I will get to having my own driver. But carrying all that cash is a pain. Since I only take cabs in cities I don’t know, it makes me incredibly nervous to trust a stranger to take me somewhere I’m unfamiliar with. I wouldn’t even know most of the time if they were going somewhere else. However, it’s still better than navigating public transportation by myself.
  5. I’m wiped. In an effort to actually take advantage of my vacation, my lack of sleep and travel is taking its toll. It’s a bit ridiculous – having to rest up for vacation. But in all seriousness, I’m not about to waste my vacation (or the boyfriend’s visit) by sleeping through it. I think I need to take some vitamins or caffeine or condition myself to sleep less.
  6. Unexpected music – Certain music has automatic associations and should only be played in certain places. Most notably, the music I dance to at the gym (I take zumba classes) should never be heard on the radio. But in L.A., the music in my cab sounded just like Zelda music. And then Over the Rainbow was playing at LAX. It felt like walking into Disneyworld.


  1. Unfortunately for you, Zumba is just salsa, merengue and regeton. You’ll hear that stuff on the radio in any hispanic city. When the ladies in my gym do Zumba I can usually identify at least 75% of the songs as something I’ve heard in Miami or in a club.

    • Yes, I have noticed this with Zumba. If I can already associate the song with a non-zumba context, then I have no problems. It’s only when I’ve never heard the song outside of Zumba (I don’t listen to the radio all that much anymore). Like that song “I know you want me” – I only heard it at the gym and then all of a sudden I’m watching it performed on TV during the Latin Music Awards. Very disconcerting.

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