December 13, 2009

In relatively old news, Roman Polanski was arrested by Swiss police. In more recent news, he’s been put on house arrest in his home in the Swiss Alps after being freed on 4.5 million bail. His arrest and then the subsequent support he received from fellow movie-industry peoples has caused a significant amount of discussion about how much we can separate the man from the art. Do amazing artists get some sort of moral pass?

I just don’t understand how this is a question. Sure, Polanski might be an amazing director. Clearly, people love him given the amount of support he has received. But it doesn’t change the fact that he committed a crime. Committed a crime and then ran away no less. The issue of him being an artist has absolutely no baring on this part of his life. And just because a lot of great artists are more than a little crazy doesn’t make it right. I am willing to accept that the greats, those of unequaled talent, must have a different level of thinking than the rest of us. But I’m pretty sure psychopaths and serial killers have different level of thinking as well.

The only reason I would say is valid for dismissing this case is the fact that the girl has come out and said she wants to dismiss the charges. If the victim doesn’t feel the need to reopen the trial, if she would rather be left in peace than reopen that conversation, then let it be.



  1. totally agree. No one wants to talk about how lewis carroll was a pedophile because they like his book. and all the nude pictures of young girls he had were art, not porn, because he was an “artist”

    However, i’m not sure that just because the victim wants to dismiss the case means that it shouldn’t be pursued. the justice system isn’t in place just so individuals can seek justice, but to help maintain order in society. there shouldn’t be a system where someone can get away with rape when all the evidence is there because he happens to rape the right person who doesn’t feel like fighting anymore. that basically makes our laws subjective-this is only illegal if…

    • At first I was going to agree with Kai that it shouldn’t go forward if the girl doesn’t want it to. Then, reading your comment it made me think of something else. If the law were based on “if she doesn’t care, we won’t pursue” then we could get people being intimidated into saying “don’t pursue it”. It’s hard enough getting people to report the crime to begin with.

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