December 15, 2009

At the beginning of December, I ended up in Annapolis for work. Because of its close proximity to D.C., I just had to make a weekend trip. Plus, I needed a bit of a vacation. Seeing as this has been my third trip to the area in the last six months, I believe I can just write up some quick highlights.

Gallery of Art – went on the introductory tour. And it reaffirmed why I love tours. The last time I just looked at all the pictures. It was fun, but not extremely interesting beyond what I could interpret myself. This tour gave me all this background on a few paintings, which makes means I actually learned something new.

Museum of Natural History – not exactly a history buff. I figured this would be like the Air and Space Museum – super cool looking, but not really my thing. Luckily, I was wrong. It was amazing. I loved everything, but was most impressed with the gem collection.

First snow of the year – I thought D.C. would have been too far south to see any more than a few flurries when it had hardly snowed in Wisconsin. Wrong. It snowed, quite hard, for an entire day. Even worse, the snow followed me back to Madison and we ended up with a huge blizzard the week I came back (but that’s another story).

Delicious Italian food – There’s an Italian restaurant, Pasta Plus, by my friend’s place. You wouldn’t guess from the outside or the name, but it is fantastic. I love Italian food and rarely get it in Madison. So this really made my night.

Iris – While in D.C., a friend played some music from this band. It’s been a while since I’ve heard some new music and I’m just a bit in love with it. I still can’t put my finger on who they sound like. He described them as how Depeche Mode would sound if they took ecstasy instead of heroin. Anyways, they’re definitely worth a listen;


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  1. Glad you keep having fun out here. Sorry I was so busy that weekend! Next time we should try this great pizza place down in DC.

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