December 19, 2009

In need of more vacation, I took off for California for a long weekend to visit the boyfriend. While the weather was warmer than Wisconsin – apparently it got quite cold after I left – it rained the entire time I was there. I like snow more than I like rain.

The boyfriend is in a new house since the last time I visited. It’s beautiful and huge. He has a giant bathroom, with shower stall and bathtub. I was extremely excited about the bathtub. In my house, I only have a shower stall. But I love taking baths, just soaking in the heat. To me, this was a big highlight of my weekend.

We visited Monterey Bay Aquarium the first day I was there. I absolutely love aquariums. I can just sit and watch the tanks of fish all day long. My favorite parts were the jellyfish exhibit. So incredibly beautiful. I also love sea otters. They’re like dogs (even though I don’t like dogs). They just seem so happy in the water. Same with the penguins.

We went to the San Francisco MOMA on Saturday. This museum was a terrible choice on my part. First, the entire second floor was closed to set up a new exhibit. I’m quite annoyed they didn’t mention this on their Web site. Second, I just wasn’t a fan of the art. I’m pretty sure it’s just the collection SFMOMA had. I remember visiting the MOMA in New York and being extremely impressed. And I can definitely handle art that most people don’t think is art. Third, which might be a contributing factor to my second, I felt extremely sick the entire time there. Like “legs are going to give out; I’m going to end up on the floor and be embarrassed” sick. This resulted in needing to sit down a lot and overall concentrating on not feeling awful.

And we went out for a nice dinner at Sundance. Sadly, this was also on Saturday, so I wasn’t feeling my best. But it was still fun. Usually, the boyfriend and I don’t do really fancy dinners that often. I’m not complaining; I’m usually the one who wants something ridiculous like KFC or sloppy joes. Anyways, Sundance had fantastic clam chowder – we each got a cup. I ended up getting scallops and shrimp, while the boyfriend got prime rib. While we didn’t get any dessert, we did look at the menu. There were all the after dinner drinks, including a 2 oz pour of cognac for $185. Dear life, please let me meet someone someday who is willing to spend that much on a drink. Absolutely ridiculous.



  1. I spent $50 for two pitchers of sangria. I’m getting close!

    I don’t think I’ve ever had cognac. Is it that good that 2 oz is worth that much?

    • I’ve never had it either, but I can’t even imagine 2 oz of anything being worth it.

  2. Baths rock – especially if the muscles are sore from working out or or shoveling a long driveway

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