re: models.

December 23, 2009

Yep, here I go on a rant. A friend recently posted on watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. He makes the comment that these models must be heavier than normal fashion models. And I hate to point it out, but he’s wrong. It also points out the weird fact that most guys say they want girls who aren’t stick-thin. But given what’s presented in the media, not “stick-thin” is still pretty damn thin.

See, all the Victoria’s Secret angels are around the 5’10” range, which is normal for models. Weight-wise, they’re somewhere between 110-125 lbs. I know it’s not a fair comparison, but do that math in your head boys. Think about how tall you are and how much you weigh. Then think about these models; even though they’re girls, it’s a bit ridiculous. The reason they look larger is a trick because they have curves in just the right places. So really, given how thin they are, it should be surprising that they can fill out their lingerie. I mean, it’s not really that normal, right? Take a look at most skinny girls you see. Chances are they’ve got a small chest too.

And what about Heidi? At 35, she’s looking amazing. And yet she hosted the event rather than walking because she has to lose 20 more lbs since she’s had her baby. It seems that more and more models are getting pregnant (say didn’t Gisele just have a baby?). Not saying they shouldn’t, but what’s surprising is how quickly they get back to the runway (or in Jourdan Dunn’s case, how long they stay on – walking at 7 months pregnant!). I guess that’s a different issue though.

But anyways, my point is that these girls’ looks are a bit deceiving. They look normal when they’re next to each other. But football players, and basketball players all look normal-sized too when you only see them next to their teammates. Even actresses in movies are usually exceptionally thin, though not quite as extreme as models. In fact, V Magazine has just made an issue where they photograph a normal model next to a plus-size model, in the same clothes and similar poses. The size difference is quite obvious, even though the plus size model is 36/31/41. Can you imagine what they’d look like next to normal people? At least plus-sized models still have the height factor. In the end, Victoria’s Secret Angels are always going to appeal more to men than normal fashion show models because that’s VS’s business – sex. High fashion designers are more into the art.



  1. “High fashion designers are more into the art.”

    That may be more true than with VS, high fashion designers also seem to have pretty strict standards on what body type their models have to have.

    Does one need to have stick thin models to have high fashion/art?

    • I don’t think you necessarily need thin model for high fashion to be art. I always saw it as stick thin models are as close as you’re going to get to having clothes on hangers or mannequins. The emphasis is hardly on the models, which seems more obvious when you look at shows and all their different models are styled to look almost the same. As soon as you move up in size, the models themselves will have more impact on the clothes (you might have to hide one’s thighs but another one’s arms). Obviously, still can be art, but it’s art encompassing more than just the garments.

  2. I never understood this stuff. I’m more of a “baby got back” type of guy.

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