December 25, 2009

This Christmas, my mom had surgery on her foot. She’s not suppose to walk around for a few weeks. That’s the reason she had it done over the holidays. Now that my youngest brother is in college, no one’s at home anymore. But over Christmas and New Years’, all four kids are at home for a while, so we can help out around the house.

Therefore, I have now done more cooking in the last two days being home than I have in the last two months. The first night, I made a pork roast, string beans and rice. For Christmas dinner, we’re making a turkey, spinach casserole, squash, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and two pies (pumpkin and pecan). Given my serious lack of cooking since college, I’m quite proud that I’ve been able to make this much food.

So on to the presents… this year resulted in mostly jewelry, some clothes, a pair of boots, a toolkit, two bags, and a Kindle. I’m super excited to try out the Kindle. Since jewelry is a bit tricky to describe, I’m going to post a photo instead. Starting from the left, my sister made me three necklaces – the silver one with black beads, the blue and gray pendant, and the two strands of gray beads with blue-ish rocks. My mom got me the silver bird (and some strands of pearls). My aunt/uncle always send me and my sister similar earring and necklace sets – this year I got dragonfly ones and Char got trees.

I also got a Timbuk2 bag from the boyfriend, which will be extremely nice to travel with. It’s red and has a lot of space. My mom also got me a large brown purse and two shirts. My mom always buys clothes for me and my sister to split. The best thing is that we’re so differently shaped – the stuff that looks awful on me looks great on her and vice versa, so we never have to fight over what we want to keep. My dad got me the toolset. I’ve been meaning to get one for the last year and never got around to it. So now I’ve got hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, and a level. Should be handy.



  1. Yay we can be Kindle buddies! Too bad it’s not like the nook where we can lend each other books. 😦

    Did you get the DX? Or a Kindle 2?

  2. Wow that *is* a lot of cooking.

  3. the jewelry looks pretty nice.

    I got some great gifts this year, too.

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