December 30, 2009

I never had a problem having a birthday around the holidays. In fact, I prefer it. It means I’ve always been home with my entire family. Plus, there’s still the holiday spirit in the air. It’s festive, like everyone’s celebrating when I’m celebrating. But honestly, I’ve never been all that excited for my birthday. It’s not that I’m unhappy about getting older. I’m still at an age when older isn’t terrifying and in fact, I’m mistaken for being older all the time, so might as well get there. Maybe when I get to the later-twenties, I’ll start being less happy about it.

One nice thing about birthdays nowadays is that all the people from your past make their yearly appearance on your Facebook wall. It’s always interesting to see who will send you birthday wishes. I can’t even use Facebook to remember my good friends’ birthdays, let alone the people I’m just “Facebook friends” with. But I guess the Facebook wall post is so informal and easy, anyone can do it and it’s ok. Strange, since these people all have my email address too (because it’s listed in my profile) and they’d never think to send a personal email. I prefer those routes – the email, the text, a phone call. As much as it makes me happy for so many people to wish me happy birthday, I still only expect people who can unawkwardly use my personal contact info to do so. Anyways, thanks to everyone who did post on my wall, text me or email me.



  1. All the options for communication make it so unnecessarily complicated. I know I could probably have called you (or texted or emailed), but I feel like the normal birthday wish comes via wall post. I also found it a little strange when Min called for Christmas, even though I enjoyed it. I was just used to texts. Anyway, tech makes everything more complicated.

    • Your comment reminds me of that line in He’s Just Not That Into You, where Drew Barrymore is talking about how we have so many different technologies that we can be rejected through. But yeah, the phone call totally threw me off too!

  2. Facebook is by far the easiest way to communicate with someone on their birthday. Just to let you know you share your birthday with my Grandma on my mom’s side and my Grandpa on my dad’s side.

  3. No wonder you have so many Capricorn traits. 😀
    Wow.. 24.

    (I’ve un-facebooked myself long time ago so I can’t spend time stalking on avatars or get notified of virtual BDays.)

    • What?! I admit I fit the horoscope personality pretty well, but there’s no way you pegged me as a Capricorn without knowing.

      • No I did not peg you as Capricorn with certainty. Being under the same sign myself, I tend to recognize those traits — terse; analytical sometimes with surgeon’s sharpness; enjoy certain sort of twisted humor.

        Oh and couple of years ago when I had facebook access, I probably did write on your wall once this day, and thus had an impression you were under this sign. 🙂

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