January 1, 2010

I’m not one for new year resolutions. It seems ridiculous to decide only once a year to make a change. But here’s what I’ve been noticing needs to change in my life. I have little confidence that any of this will happen, since these are the same goals I have year-round. But whatever.

1) Organize my media. This really means I need to get my RSS feeds in order and my music. Music isn’t much of a problem; it just needs a weekend or two. RSS feeds are another story. I have a hard time giving up my subscriptions, even if I don’t read them.

2) Cooking – My cooking abilities have significantly decreased since college. Between being too lazy to really cook and only making food for myself, it’s just a much bigger deal to cook than I want it to be. But now, I’ve got several recipes that I want to try out – Dill Orzo, Cinnamon Chicken, Turkey Curry… We’ll see how it goes.

3) Eat healthier – I’ve never been one to watch what I eat. This probably is an effect of having terrible eating habits, where the amount that I eat never stays constant. I go through phases where I eat normally and then phases where I don’t eat much at all. Anyways, I will work on being more conscious about what I’m eating – and probably eat less cheese, more veggies and fruit.

4) Accessorize – and do something about my hair. I have significant amounts of jewelry and shoes. But when it comes to my everyday fashion, I wear the same shoes, don’t really put on jewelry and am too lazy to blow dry my hair. Organization will be key. As of now, both shoes and jewelry are a mess, making it hard to find anything. I have a sneaking suspicion this plan will last about a month and then I will go back to my old habits.

5) Read more books – I can try to shoot for two books a month, but I don’t think I will at all. I will be happy at one book a month. I think the Kindle and the pile of books I have on the shelf will make this easy. I just need to sit down and get it done. I also need to watch more movies. I used to watch movies all the time and then, in my last years of college, it dropped off to almost nothing. And then Netflix with their instant watch TV shows does not help.



  1. With all the flying you do, you could also rack up plenty of reading time.

    • Yep. Although usually I just fall asleep.

      • I’m kind of jealous, I don’t nap well and it’s torturous on long trips when I really need the sleep.

        For Christmas I had a flight that left at 0545 which meant that I got no sleep the night before and I couldn’t fall asleep on the plane. It’s awful.

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