January 3, 2010

I finally gave in and bought skinny jeans. Two pairs actually. In my opinion, the only people who will really look good in skinny jeans are people who are tall and thin. Maybe if you’re short and really really thin. I don’t quite fall into the tall category or the really really thin one. Overall, I’m pretty squarely in the average body size category. So why’d I buy jeans that won’t look good?

Because even though I don’t really like skinny jeans, I do really like boots. And what’s the point of fashionable tall boots when you’re going to cover them up with pants? That’s right – there is none. But why not just wear the boots with skirts? Here’s the real trouble. Knee high boots are mostly a cool to cold weather fashion item. And yet skirts are inherently a not so cold weather choice. That doesn’t leave many options in winter in Wisconsin. So even though the jeans might not be my normal choice, they get a pass so I can wear my boots.

Anyways, this is the first time I’ve bought jeans in a while. It reminded me how depressing it is to shop for pants as a girl. First, there’s nothing worse than being 5’4″, which is a completely normal height, and have regular length pants be about 3″ too long. Who’s sizing these pants? What are the really short people wearing? And who wears the long size? Second, it makes me acutely aware of any body insecurity I have. Let’s face it – to find a pair of jeans that’s the correct size, length and fit, it requires trying on pair after pair. With each pair, you look in the mirrors and determine, in less than a few minutes, the major reasons why you look terrible and move on to the next pair. And it was this way that I determined I have disproportionately small calves.

Don’t worry, I think I’ll get over it. And if I don’t, I can at least hide them under my fancy boots đŸ™‚



  1. What about a skirt with a trenchcoat to get around and then when you get to your destination you take it off? Then you have the boots/skirt and don’t have to worry about ill-fitting jeans.

    • Trenchcoats are just long skirts. They’re not necessarily warmer, they still let air in, but that’s just my opinion on the matter.

  2. Actually you are pretty skinny Kai.

    I had to try on like dozens of pairs when I went to buy skinny jeans too.

    Also I think you’re supposed to wear heels all the time. Then the pants that are 2-3 in too long will be the right length (skimming the floor).
    Almost all the pants I’ve bought the past year are a couple inches longer than usual for this reason.

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