shout-out – pt 1.

January 15, 2010

For a while I’ve meant to post on who I’ve linked to on my blog. Not sure how interesting this will be, but I’ll try it out for experiment’s sake. Seems my list of links has increased nicely since I started. Makes me pretty happy. But I’m splitting this post in two so it’s not ridiculously long.

(dead)frequency/Chet Bear/Mad Fabulous – Friend from home. After several blog attempts, he now seems to be holding steady with a Tumblr. Posts mostly about music – with strong leanings toward the indie type. I’ve found his recommendations are quite good, though most take me a few listens before appreciating. Chet Bear is the comic strip he’s just started. Also, my collaborator on Mad Fabulous (I still want this to be the name of my blog) – which is never updated because we’re lazy.

Cheese / Idle Disquisition – Cousin from Boston, now at graduate school in Madison. Both are her collaborations with friends. Cheese is about…well, cheese. It always makes me smile that she likes cheese so much, despite not coming from WI and being Asian. Idle Disquisition is about feminist topics. Very good reading if that’s your thing. She’s also got a Tumblr, which is mostly music and women’s issues.

themack2007 – friend from Madison. Convinced him to blog because he needed a hobby. Posts pretty consistently, often late at night, frequently after drinking. This is probably the only reason you get a pass for not using spell check on your posts. His blog wins for enlightening me to how he thinks significantly more than knowing him in person did. Weird. Also, needs a layout update.



  1. I am glad to see that I can enlighten you on how I think. With the exception of blogging I am not much of an open person when it comes to my personal life and my views on a lot of things. I think I have opened up to one friend in person and that was in college after knowing him for 4 years. It is a small town thing, maybe I could do a post on why.

  2. […] friends posted a blog today about 3 of her friends that blog and what she thinks of them blogging here. I agree with what she is saying about the blog being able to “enlighten” her as to how […]

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