January 25, 2010

Things that fascinate me for no reason. These are things that for one reason or another, usually one that I can’t put my finger on, are things I love. And not just any kind of love, but it’s things that I can just sit and be happy without doing anything else.

1. Watching traffic from above – I have this thing for watching cars from above. It happens when I cross the bridge over the highway on the bike path to downtown. It happens when I’m in buildings that connect over streets, like Cedars-Sinai. It happens when I’m taking off and landing in planes. It’s not even a special occurrence anymore. I don’t even know what’s interesting about it.

2. Large Bodies of Water – Maybe it’s because I grew up by a lake, but I can’t give up my love for large bodies of water. This feeling was renewed when I went to the Gulf Shores in Alabama. I don’t really like swimming in natural bodies of water; algae kinda freaks me out. But I love being near it. I like to watch the waves. I like to feel the wind. I especially like it if there’s sand I can put my feet in.

3. Rooftops I can sit on – When coming up with this list, I got the impression I just like to be up high. I kept coming up with things like glass elevators and Ferris wheels, in addition to rooftops. I have always wanted to live somewhere I could go out on the roof. It’d be like having a really high backyard, with a much better view. If I had a roof I could go out on, I would be there all summer.

4. Happy Toddlers – even better if they’re Asian. Honestly, little kids are fascinating to watch (I wonder if this is a female thing). They have this amazing ability to amuse themselves by doing nothing at all. As long as they’re not crying and looking unhappy, I love them. It makes me want to have one as a pet.


  1. Watching birds and the funny way they cock their heads. Watching little kids is fun too. Watching most zoo animals if they have other animals to interact with.

  2. hmmm… this makes me want to come up with such a list of my own.

  3. I can’t stop laughing at “It makes me want to have one as a pet.”

  4. Yeah I always want to steal those cute Asian babies I see in the park too…

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