February 10, 2010

Well, Google’s announced Buzz. I’d be more excited if that last few products I tried were exciting. Sadly, they were just disappointing, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

Google Voice – It’s not for me. In all honesty, I only joined for three reasons. First, I thought I could get a cool number. Wrong – it was way harder than I imagined to find a number; I eventually just gave up. Second, I was lured by an expectation of free texting. Also wrong – very sad. Third, the idea of voicemail transcription was intriguing. However, it was too much effort than I was willing to put in just to test it. The trouble of getting a new number out to all my contacts is more than the benefit I, having only one phone, get in return. Sadly, this was a failed experiment.

Google Wave – So much disappointment. The problem was several-fold. Invites didn’t go out until after the hype was killed. Then, once invited, I had no one to connect with because I had no invites to use for my friends. Major downer. Signing into a whole new site (when I already sign into several on a daily basis) provided no benefit because everyone I communicate with was somewhere else. By the time I finally had enough friends in my network, the shiny newness had worn off. I was over it.

Google Buzz – I’m loving the idea. I like to share; I like to see what my friends are sharing. But I’m worried about information overload. Sticking all that into my email might be convenient, but if it creates too much clutter in my inbox – that’s not cool. And, truth be told, I’m really quite attached to my separate sites (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook). Even now that Google Reader is more social (with “likes” and comments and notes) I can’t bring myself to use it for more than an RSS aggregator.

UPDATE: In the 5 minutes that I have started using Buzz (not even really using it – just sitting with Gmail open), it is TOO MUCH. And this is from me, who already manages Tumblr and Twitter and an unmanageable number of RSS feeds.



  1. Yeah… I can’t even keep up with my RSS reader anymore after I subscribed to your Tumblr a few weeks ago.

    You go through an awful lot of stuff in very short spans of time. I think I might have to unsubscribe.

    • Yeah, I try to keep up but it gets tricky some weeks.

    • It’s not THAT much content and 99% of it is photography or a quote. Takes like two seconds to read.

      I, for one, love Buzz.

  2. I think google wave was mis-sold as being the email we should have had. I find it extremely useful for one and only one thing – collaborating on projects with others.

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