February 12, 2010

Oh apparently, men have a new mid-life crisis. Rather than feeling stressed about providing for a family, men are hitting a point when they feel that the modern women don’t need them. This post makes me sad for both men and women.

First, take a look at the women described in this article. All of them – Type A, successful, motivated, completely in control… Does anyone else get the idea that they’re a bit crazy? Successful attorney, small business owner, and has time to throw fancy dinner parties? I bet she finds time to go to the gym and keep the house clean and be a fabulous cook too. Let’s be honest, that type of togetherness is intimidating for anyone. These are the women that make other women feel bad. And perfection in one partner isn’t going to lead to relationship bliss; one person’s going to feel worthless. Just my opinion – if you can pull it together that successfully, either a) you must have one part of your life that’s severely falling apart (in this case, their relationship?) or b) if anything does start to fall apart, you won’t be able to handle it (just like those kids that get A’s and cry over their first C).

Second, these guys are ridiculous. What guy would actually stick around once it’s been deemed “that [you’re] supposed to impregnate her by the end of the year”? If you have a “punching fear” about staying in your relationship, would you just sit on your butt? Grow some balls and get out of that relationship! Or if leaving is too scary, at least stand up for yourself. But their solutions are to secretly lease a second apartment or propose and then back out. Ugh. These guys are afraid to commit because they’re not really happy. Maybe it’s because it’s because their girlfriends feel a need to control every part of their life (including when they’ll have kids). Maybe it’s because their girlfriends don’t let them travel, play video games, and just hang out (because those girls definitely don’t just sit back and relax). But really, they’re probably just afraid that they’ll become the housewife of the 1950’s – just following whatever their partner wants. And women, who struggled out of that position, should understand how few people would consciously submit to that life.

I never should have read that article.



  1. I don’t understand why he stays with her. The guy in this story is also successful, a banker who is able to pay for a second apartment. There is no reason that he needs to stay with her. He isn’t financially dependent on her, they aren’t married and they don’t have any children, why would he stay with her. If he leaves what is the worse thing that happens, single forever which realistically is highly unlikely.

  2. […] with this. And naturally, I had to click through to read the article. Basic idea was similar to that new crisis men are having with the modern woman. Men have begun taking longer to “grow up”; women […]

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