February 15, 2010

Despite having only lived in places with winter most of the year, I’ve never been that into winter sports. Ok, I’ve never really been that into any kind of sports, but definitely not winter ones. I’ve been downhill skiing once (15 years ago), cross country skiing once (10 years ago), and ice skating (once every 4 or 5 years). And I’ve never been snow shoeing (or ice fishing if that somehow counts as a sport). I can do sledding; that’s it.

Anyways, I went ice skating with friends the other week. There’s a nearby park that creates an ice rink and rents skates (and skies too). The last time I went skating was some time in college, probably the earlier half. It was hard! Obviously, I’ve never been a skater, but I did not remember how long it actually takes for me to feel stable on the ice. Though the hardest part was walking in skates from the warming house to the rink. Skates, snow, slight inclines do not make a good combination.

And it was cold! Obviously, no-brainer, Wisconsin winter is cold.  But the whole having a car with covered parking thing has really made me forget quite how cold it gets when I actually have to be outside for extended periods of time. Long underwear is a must-have. In addition to hats, scarves, gloves, and boots. That’s when I realized I’ve only been ice skating on indoor rinks. There’s no wind inside; it makes a big difference. The ice is smoother too.

Conclusion: Fun time for all as long as you bundle up.



  1. I’ve never done it outdoors. Sounds interesting

    • It’s not so different, just a little bit colder.

      • Yeah, and the ice usually isn’t quite as smooth. That makes it tougher if you’re a terrible skater like me.

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