March 1, 2010

The other week I lost my phone while on a business trip. It must have fallen out of my pocket in my morning cab ride. Sadly, it wasn’t found before I left at the end of the week. I blame it on the fact that I turned the ringer to vibrate because I didn’t want it ringing during meetings; it’s so much harder to find a phone on vibrate.

Either way, I went about a week without a phone (any phone since I don’t have a land line either). Not having it highlighted all the times when I use it most. I don’t constantly talk on my phone, but I do feel uneasy when I don’t have it with me. I like knowing that I can call someone if I get lost. And I like calling people when I’m waiting in the airport or walking home at night. And then, of course, it’s handy when I need to call into meetings or tell people I’m at their apartment. Last, I use it as a clock and an alarm.

But despite my reliance on my cell phone, the past week wasn’t significantly different or inconvenient. I didn’t feel terribly disconnected. In fact, it’s quite reassuring to know that I don’t absolutely need a specific piece of technology. Of course, being on a business trip and having the boyfriend out of the country significantly cuts down on my phone time in general. In fact, it was probably more inconvenient for everyone else who needed to contact me. By the time I got back to Madison, I wasn’t even in a rush to get a new phone activated.

The biggest annoyance with losing my phone is that it was new as of December.  Nothing fancy, but still new. I hadn’t even gotten used to my new ringtone yet. And if you’ve ever had to buy a new phone without any sort of new plan/upgrade, it’s crazy expensive. No way am I spending several hundred dollars on a phone! Especially now that I’ve decided my type of phone just isn’t made anymore. I want a basic, small, flip phone that shows me the time on the outside. No full keyboard – just a normal sized number pad. No camera necessary. No data plans. Apparently that’s too much to ask for.

I had ended up with a slide phone, with a camera. And I just couldn’t get used to it. I couldn’t easily slide the phone open; I couldn’t remember to lock the keypad; I couldn’t figure out how to work call waiting; it was a mess. So now that I have to get a new phone, will I be giving into the smartphone movement? Not quite yet.


One comment

  1. In that case I recommend craigslist-cellphone section. Sometimes people sell non-smart but little used phones.

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