March 3, 2010

I better jump on the bandwagon before this fad is far in the past. The fad I’m talking about is Chatroulette. If you haven’t used it, it’s basically a site to video chat with random strangers. Remember, Omegle? Probably not. But it’s that in video form.

Anyways, I don’t understand. Or rather I understand fully why it’s become a viral site. People love to see random other people doing random crap we would never think of doing. Think people of Wal-Mart. So random video chats mean the same end state but you get to see it live. That makes it 10 times better obviously. Personally, I don’t see the appeal of those sites. Maybe a photo or two will be hilarious, but I think most of it is junk and the good ones will end up somewhere else (somewhere with a higher valuable content ratio). So I’m struggling to understand why this site should be considered different than those.

In my short use of the site, it seems like people aren’t really chatting. Not through video. Not even through text. It’s purely to see what random crap you’ll get. The idea that Internet users have tired of anonymity is ridiculous. Yes, being seen makes you less unknown. But in reality, after seeing a stranger for a couple minutes, s/he’s still anonymous. And most people don’t want to chat with strangers. If we did, we would be doing that at the grocery store, or the bank, or the coffee shop down the road.

But my real question: Why in the world are people continuing to visit and use a site where there is close to a 20% chance of seeing ugly naked people? Or more specifically – ugly, naked men/boys (and I’m a straight female, so I think I fall into the category of people who would be most interested see naked men). Why would you subject yourself to that? Because, if you want to see random shit, there are sites for that. And if you want to see naked people, there are sites for that too. Is it some weird thrill from the risk – that you don’t know if you’ll meet the love of your life or see someone’s dick? Please explain.



  1. I have no explanation for this Chatroulette phenomenon. I have no desire to chat with randos or see penises. All I have to say is this:



    • Aw, Dan beat me to it.

      Personally, I think it’s the other way around. Lonely, socially-inept dudes go there in hopes that some random girl would be interested in seeing them naked.

      It’s not a new feature by any means. AIM has a randomchat feature, and the large majority of the time it’s a dude looking to cyber.

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