March 15, 2010

Last week, Madison had its first warm weekend. And by warm I mean mid 40’s in the middle of the day, but sunny and not windy. And to me this is a good enough sign that it’s Spring. People may be skeptical; it is still early March after all and there’s always the chance winter could be here til April. Sure there’s still snow on the ground. But it’s melted enough over the last week or so that I can see the grass again. I have confidence that no more snow, at least not in any massive quantities, is coming.

This is one of the things I love about Wisconsin – the anticipation of warm weather. After several months of staying inside and dealing with single digit temperatures, no one takes Spring for granted. Even this past weekend, when it was still what many people would consider cold, the bikes and the runners were all outside. It’s like those first warm sunny days in Ithaca when everyone goes outside and ends up severely sunburned. And in Wisconsin, we actually do get a Spring before the Summer.

With the changing of the season comes the rotation of clothing. Boots, heavy jackets, sweaters, and hats start going back into the closet. It’s sad because I love winter fashion the most. Tights and skirts, lighter jackets, and shoes that aren’t made for snow start appearing again. What I’ve realized is it’s incredibly hard to pack during this time of year. When there’s the possibility of it being cold or warm, you end up having to pack for both conditions, which makes for very full suitcases.


One comment

  1. At first I thought the severe sunburn in Ithaca comment super funny, but then realized this can be super true too, for example today in Ithaca, a very beautiful sunny&blue-sky day.

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