March 17, 2010

Top 5 reasons I love that travel is part of my job:

  1. Taking off and landing – it may sound childish, but I still get very excited when my airplane takes off and touches down. I absolutely love looking out the window watching everything get tiny and then again, when it gets larger and larger.
  2. Food – Travel provides a great opportunity to eat foods I can’t get in Madison. Best example is when working in Mobile, AL I can get my fill of fresh seafood and it is fabulous.
  3. Housekeeping – usually I don’t even bother to use hotels’ housekeeping services (I don’t like having to clean up before they come). But I do like that I don’t have to tidy up hotels ever. After three days, I leave and everything gets taken care of. It makes me extremely lazy when I have to take care of my own stuff at home.
  4. Status – One of the perks of traveling a lot is getting elite status with an airline. It’s one of those things you don’t miss if you haven’t had it. But once you can check bags for free, board earlier, and get upgraded, it’s a very very nice perk.
  5. Lessons – I’ve learned a lot of handy things while traveling. The best way to put your stuff through security, how to pack just as much as you need, etc. But also, since I’m not usually one to ask questions, traveling has taught me that it’s just way easier most of the time to just ask someone. Directions, restaurant recommendations, pretty much anything – someone’s usually there to help you out.

Top 5 reasons I hate the travel is part of my job:

  1. Delays/waiting – I don’t have to explain this one; it’s obvious. Traveling requires a lot of waiting and delays make it even worse.
  2. TSA rules – again, mostly obvious. I just can’t get over the 3 oz liquid rule or the need to take off your shoes. I constantly forget water bottles are in my bag. And for people who don’t fly very often, it takes them forever, which means more waiting.
  3. Home – I miss it after a couple days. Hotels are just not the same as my own bed.
  4. Working out – I hate hotel fitness rooms, and therefore, I never work out when traveling. That turns out to be a terrible idea. Combined with the eating out, I end up feeling gross after about a week.L
  5. It’s exhausting – even though most of traveling is just sitting in the waiting area or sitting on the plane, it runs me down. After a week of travel, I just want to stay at home all weekend to recover. It’s a little bit terrible and makes me feel old.

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