March 19, 2010

Last weekend, I attempted to dye  my hair blue. I’ve been dying my hair since freshman year of college, when I bleached and went bright red. That early college experience taught met several important lessons. First, bleached hair is a pain. Not only does it make your hair feel terrible (and on some level ruin it), but it takes forever to get rid of it. Essentially, it has to grow out and be cut off. While you’re waiting for that to happen, you have to dye it to be the color you want. Second, L’Oreal Colour Rays is the best. It’s hair dye made for dark hair, so the color automatically has a bleaching product in it. No separate process to lighten your hair. The color automatically shows up very bright. Perfect.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Walgreens and the SuperTarget near my house do not carry Colour Rays anymore. This made for a great opportunity to branch out and try a different color and brand. I tried Splat, in blue – because I’ve been wanting dark blue hair forever. It looked like I was going to have to do my own bleaching and then coloring. But the reviews online were pretty good, so I figured it would be ok. At the very least, I’d have a blue hint to my hair in the sun, and it would be otherwise unnoticeable. That’s critical, so that I can still look mostly professional.

Turns out, Splat is not so good for me. First, I’m too impatient to bleach my hair and too afraid it’s going to be ruined. So naturally, I didn’t let the bleach sit long enough to really do anything noticeable. Second, the blue dye looked perfect, but was awful. It stains like crazy – my hands, my neck, my bathroom sink. It was all blue. Even worse, I made the mistake of getting a drip on my cheek, which then proceeded to become a giant smear as I tried to wipe it off. Anyways, when all was said and done, I ended up with a very blue scalp, a very blue shower, and very blue hands. However, none of the blue dye was noticeable in my hair. AT ALL. Not even in the light.

And yet, when I wash my hair, blue still comes out in the water and it’s still staining the Marriott towels I used. Essentially, I ended up getting all the crappy parts of dying my hair without any change whatsoever. Disappointing.



  1. That sucks. I thought of doing a temp blue dye on my hair in HS for a photo with some friends, but we never got around to doing it. Oh well.

  2. […] June 15, 2010 I’ve been getting restless about my hair for the last few months, but since my last hair dying experience was less than spectacular, I’ve held off trying anything new. In fact, I bought hair coloring a few weeks ago, thinking […]

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