March 24, 2010

Last weekend, I went to Milwaukee to see A Place to Bury Strangers and The Big Pink. When I decided to go to the concert, I’d only really heard one song from The Big Pink – Dominos. I’d loved it, but that’s all I’d heard. And I hadn’t heard anything from A Place to Bury Strangers. But I trust the friend I was going with. In general, I can get behind his taste in music. If I couldn’t, well the concert was only $10.

After watching some videos of A Place to Bury Strangers, I got a bit worried. They seemed loud – and that was about it. We bought earplugs before the show. As things turned out, they were pretty amazing. Loud – like “able to feel the vibrations in my chair” loud. But all three band members put on a great show. The drummer was incredible. Such a forceful act would be difficult to follow-up, but The Big Pink also did a great job. They came on with a lot of energy, looking almost like teenagers. It was a nice combination of their upbeat songs and the slower ones. I’m just sad they didn’t come out for an encore.

I’d highly recommend The Big Pink, if you haven’t listened to them. It’s pretty accessible music – nothing too strange. I’d recommend seeing A Place to Bury Strangers if you get the change, but I’m having trouble translating seeing the show into actually listening to their music on CD. It’s just not the same. I’d say try it, but I think it won’t appeal to most people.


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