May 5, 2010

Lately, I’ve noticed that Facebook has been slowly changing their layout. I noticed on a few profiles I checked that they didn’t look like mine. They had fancy new headings and a more spacious feel. Naturally, I got impatient. Was mine going to start looking different too? When? Was it just not showing up for me? This is my addiction – I don’t even log into Facebook more than once a week now.

So when I logged in today, I checked my profile (again) to see if it had changed over. Surprise surprise. I got an annoying little pop-up that asked me if I wanted to link a crazy number of pages to my profile. I don’t do that. I don’t do any of the fancy stuff – no linking, no liking, no statusing, no commenting. My Facebook profile is very basic me. Except, this page linking didn’t allow me to skip. So I did the closest option I had; I unchecked all the pages it wanted to automatically add. Upon saving, I got a second pop-up (and by this time, I was done reading so I clicked through) and my information disappeared!

Given my lack of use, I still keep a list of books and movies and my schools on Facebook. I’m also one of the few people who still shares that with a larger network. Except, now it’s gone. And the only way for me to get it back is to link to these new “pages”. I’m not doing it. Facebook has essentially deleted my profile for me. By taking my information out of my profile, it becomes painfully obvious that having it there gives me little benefit. Correction – it gives me no benefit (because if it did, you know I’d put it back). In fact, because I think adding pages makes profiles ugly as hell, I’m losing happiness by giving Facebook more information.

This actually makes me a little bit sad. I could go along with a lot Facebook was doing. I was on board with the news feed. I’m super on board with sharing, with keeping profiles open to large unknown groups. I’m not so on board with the applications and the fan pages and the liking, but I’m willing to ignore it. Now, it feels like it just told me I’m not wanted. That I play their way or no way (which, to be honest, is exactly what they did with the news feed too). But if their way isn’t my way, why am I playing?

Yes – I realize this is a purely cosmetic issue. When I joined Facebook, what set it apart? Closed network – no longer. Access to information about people I didn’t really know – not so much anymore. Clean pages – otherwise why didn’t we just join MySpace? Maybe it’s just me and I’m getting old. But Facebook now isn’t the Facebook I joined.



  1. Noo Kai! How am I(and other creepers) suppose to facebook stalk you if you don’t have a profile? šŸ˜¦

    Seriously though, when that popup came for me, I just clicked the “Skip this crap” button and it’s worked out alright for me. Odd that it erased everything for you.

    • I clicked skip once and it was fine for a while. This was the second time it asked me to do it.

  2. i’ve been avoiding this for about a week now. i hate linking things and i instantly distrust facebook anytime it propositions me. it’s really odd, i go on fb all the time to connect with friends and family and to keep me entertained when work gets slow, but the second i have a communication from facebook, i feel instantly creeped out and uncomfortable. i guess i forget that i’m not just freely communicating with friends, but that there is actually a total stranger there monitoring and controlling everything for a profit.

  3. I just checked my facebook profile and I am linked to a high school in Massachusetts, instead of New York. All of my employment information is gone, which I don’t care about. This is ridiculous

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