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re: online relationship.

June 20, 2010

In response to this:

Facebook relationship status – While it may seem ridiculous that not changing your Facebook status to “in a relationship” would be a deal breaker, it actually somewhat makes a lot of sense. Facebook has become a more acceptable form of communication. Therefore, not communicating your relationship makes it seem like he’s either embarrassed about dating you or is hiding it. And both of those are true deal breakers. It’s comparable to going to a party and being introduced as “a friend” instead of “the girlfriend”. Taking your status down – it’s a bit fuzzy because everyone knows if you take down your single status it means you’re in a relationship (duh! if you’re single what other change could happen?). But it’s the same idea. If you didn’t mind people knowing you were single, you shouldn’t care if those same people know you got a girlfriend.

Hiding online activities – yep, I’d be suspicious. Trust does play a major part. But it really comes down to what’s being hidden. If the girl’s paranoid and snooping and finds his hidden porn folder – give the guy a break. Keep in mind that same scenario doesn’t work if the hidden folder is ex-related or new interest related. Hiding’s like cheating – you’re not in trouble until you get caught. So the real question is, if you found out a significant other was hiding something (even if you still didn’t know what it was) – are you just going to brush it off? Or would it bother the crap out of you?

Communication with an ex – my personal opinion is that it depends. In most situations, no problem. But I can definitely see it being a problem in several situations: 1) you have a history of cheating, 2) you’ve had a very on/off relationship with the particular ex, 3) you really don’t trust the ex, 4) the communication starts crossing into any area that would be considered best friend, 5) everyone else thinks it’s a bad idea. It’s mostly about trust. But better safe than sorry – you might as well mention it because you’ll kick yourself if things go south and you just sat there.

Posting inappropriate pictures of you online – I don’t even have to comment on this one.



June 15, 2010

I’ve been getting restless about my hair for the last few months, but since my last hair dying experience was less than spectacular, I’ve held off trying anything new. In fact, I bought hair coloring a few weeks ago, thinking I should change my color as my hair was already somewhat lightened. And after helping a friend put pink streaks into her hair, I figured, why not lighten a little bit more and try a more normal reddish color.

First lesson – I’m terrible at evenly bleaching my hair. It’s hard to tell which parts I covered and which I didn’t. The bleach I used was a much thicker consistency that coloring, which makes it harder to evenly distribute. And the fact that parts of my hair were already lighter, I didn’t want to make those too bleached. As soon as I washed the bleach out, it was very clear I had missed a lot of my hair. My result:

It made me slightly worried. It was fun to be blondish for a little while. It’s bold and exciting. But would such a difference be as noticeable once it was colored again? I hoped not. The difference between blond and black has to be more obvious than red and black, right?

And a couple hours later, the blond was auburn. I’m undecided on how I feel about it. It’s not obnoxiously bright. In fact, it’s almost too normal for me. And because I still have a significant amount of black hair still, I can’t decide if it looks like a terrible dye job (truth) or if it’s what I’m going for (part truth). I definitely wouldn’t want fully reddish-brown hair.

ps. This picture doesn’t really look anything like what my hair actually looks like. I couldn’t seem to capture the true color in my webcam.

We’ll see how things go – but it will probably go back to black sooner rather than later. Though I’m getting tempted to just go to a salon to get it dyed brightly. I really still want to go back to this (which will probably never happen):


hero, control, and sex.

June 8, 2010

I have difficulty coming up with titles for my posts of movie/book reviews. My new plan is to sum up each item in a single word. Unfortunately, nothing I’ve watched or read has been all that exciting. It all feels a little bit blah. [There also may be spoilers]

Iron Man 2:Was anyone really expecting this to be as good as the first? No, so I guess it wasn’t necessarily disappointing. The plot felt less cohesive. I thought SHIELD’s part was mostly unnecessary. And the new element creation was ridiculous. I’m amazing at suspension of disbelief during movies; I’m willing to go along with a lot of bad science for the sake of entertainment. But a new element? Really? If you’re going that far out, I expect something better. Make a shot for Stark to take every day; it’d at least make him seem like a martyr. Last small point – Pepper Potts resigning as CEO at the end of the movie. Kills me. The entire two movies, she’s so on top of things. And then at the end – oh, she can’t handle it anymore. <end rant>

Gamer: Yes, I did notice it had 2.5 stars on Netflix. But I thought it had a cool concept and potential to be awesome. It just ended up being a somewhat awful movie. It tried too hard to explain the control over other humans. Not only was it bad science (I can live with that), but it just seemed to string words together that made no sense. Stylistically, I thought the camera movement and effects to make it seem like a game were overdone. I would really not recommend.

Bonk (by Mary Roach): I loved Roach’s first book Stiff and would highly recommend it. I do not recommend this one. For a book about sex research, it’s ridiculously boring. I didn’t think any of the stories were particularly interesting. And the amusement of the book seemed to stem from the fact that sex research can be awkward. Well, I could’ve told you that without a book and in less pages.



June 3, 2010

Madison was hosting the Ultimate Frisbee National College Championships this past weekend. The Cornell Buds (the men’s team) was seeded 8th out of 20 teams. For those not in the know – I don’t play ultimate. In my book, frisbees count as “balls” and I don’t play sports with balls. However, the boyfriend played for the Buds back in college (ha, “back in college” – makes three years sound so long). Anyway, when he learned that Nationals was being held in my city, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a visit. That and I hadn’t seen him since December and probably wasn’t going to make it out to California for vacation until August.

Like any other sport, my knowledge of ultimate frisbee is very small. I know when the teams score and when it goes out of bounds. That’s pretty much it. But it doesn’t stop me from having fun watching a game. Plus, Madison pulled out some of the nicest weather we’ve had all year. 80s and totally sunny all weekend. Perfect for me to get a little color – but since I haven’t been outside all year, it really meant getting quite sunburned. Cornell ended up making it into the semi-finals. They beat Michigan in an intense game in the quarter-finals, but lost to Florida in the semis. They came in 3rd overall, so no complaints.

The rest of the weekend consisted of the boyfriend and I playing Super Mario Galaxy 2. It’s about the same as the first, except the second player (aka “girlfriend mode”) can do more than just collect Star Bits – even though that’s my favorite part. We also did Yoga X – which is the yoga workout session from the P90X series. So hard; I’m still sore. Good holiday weekend.