June 3, 2010

Madison was hosting the Ultimate Frisbee National College Championships this past weekend. The Cornell Buds (the men’s team) was seeded 8th out of 20 teams. For those not in the know – I don’t play ultimate. In my book, frisbees count as “balls” and I don’t play sports with balls. However, the boyfriend played for the Buds back in college (ha, “back in college” – makes three years sound so long). Anyway, when he learned that Nationals was being held in my city, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a visit. That and I hadn’t seen him since December and probably wasn’t going to make it out to California for vacation until August.

Like any other sport, my knowledge of ultimate frisbee is very small. I know when the teams score and when it goes out of bounds. That’s pretty much it. But it doesn’t stop me from having fun watching a game. Plus, Madison pulled out some of the nicest weather we’ve had all year. 80s and totally sunny all weekend. Perfect for me to get a little color – but since I haven’t been outside all year, it really meant getting quite sunburned. Cornell ended up making it into the semi-finals. They beat Michigan in an intense game in the quarter-finals, but lost to Florida in the semis. They came in 3rd overall, so no complaints.

The rest of the weekend consisted of the boyfriend and I playing Super Mario Galaxy 2. It’s about the same as the first, except the second player (aka “girlfriend mode”) can do more than just collect Star Bits – even though that’s my favorite part. We also did Yoga X – which is the yoga workout session from the P90X series. So hard; I’m still sore. Good holiday weekend.


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