hero, control, and sex.

June 8, 2010

I have difficulty coming up with titles for my posts of movie/book reviews. My new plan is to sum up each item in a single word. Unfortunately, nothing I’ve watched or read has been all that exciting. It all feels a little bit blah. [There also may be spoilers]

Iron Man 2:Was anyone really expecting this to be as good as the first? No, so I guess it wasn’t necessarily disappointing. The plot felt less cohesive. I thought SHIELD’s part was mostly unnecessary. And the new element creation was ridiculous. I’m amazing at suspension of disbelief during movies; I’m willing to go along with a lot of bad science for the sake of entertainment. But a new element? Really? If you’re going that far out, I expect something better. Make a shot for Stark to take every day; it’d at least make him seem like a martyr. Last small point – Pepper Potts resigning as CEO at the end of the movie. Kills me. The entire two movies, she’s so on top of things. And then at the end – oh, she can’t handle it anymore. <end rant>

Gamer: Yes, I did notice it had 2.5 stars on Netflix. But I thought it had a cool concept and potential to be awesome. It just ended up being a somewhat awful movie. It tried too hard to explain the control over other humans. Not only was it bad science (I can live with that), but it just seemed to string words together that made no sense. Stylistically, I thought the camera movement and effects to make it seem like a game were overdone. I would really not recommend.

Bonk (by Mary Roach): I loved Roach’s first book Stiff and would highly recommend it. I do not recommend this one. For a book about sex research, it’s ridiculously boring. I didn’t think any of the stories were particularly interesting. And the amusement of the book seemed to stem from the fact that sex research can be awkward. Well, I could’ve told you that without a book and in less pages.



  1. I liked Iron Man 2. Inventing a new element wasn’t really that big a stretch for me, I mean, his fusion reactor thing is already stupid impossible, so a new element, why not? I’m surprised that you’re not bothered by the fact that his maneuvers should, by all rights, knock him unconscious due to g-forces or the fact that he can shoot energy beams.

    Mickey Rourke was pretty great and I loved Sam Rockwell, but I could have done without Scarlett Johansson, mostly because her part seemed unnecessary.

    Can’t wait for Thor, Captain America, or the eventual Avengers movie!

    Never seen/read the other two, so I haven’t got much to say about those.

    • That’s exactly why I think the new element is a stretch. I don’t even realize I’m ignoring g-forces and energy beam and fusion reactor science. But maybe it’s because they didn’t go into how it works quite as much as his development of the new element.

      I also really liked Sam Rockwell.

  2. I love your one word titles – so cool and convenient.

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