July 2, 2010

With the opening of some new buildings, my company’s shuffled around almost half the offices. The goal is for everyone to have their own office. The obstacle, of course, is still not having enough space and needing to plan for record numbers of new employees. So for the last week, I’ve had a new office to myself. Because of the crunch on space, my new office-mate moved in this week.

My new office is nice. Smaller than my last, but it has a window – with quite a nice view. I’m similarly placed in relation to break rooms, bathrooms, and the copy rooms. But being on the second floor instead of the first makes it feel like a lot more effort to walk to another building.

Most upsetting is that I lost my former office-mate. Personally, I prefer sharing an office. Despite having to deal with small meetings and phone calls with another person in the room, it was still better the majority of the time. We started together almost two years ago and discuss ideas and double check our logic with each other. Plus, she specializes in a slightly different area than me – and that definitely helps with certain points of integration. But with the office reorganization, because of her different specialty, she had to move to a different building.

It’s been weird not having to share space with someone for 8 hours a day. Discussing what we did over the weekend or the previous night was a nice routine while we started to sort emails and get our schedules worked out. I think it throws a wrench in my day.


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