July 8, 2010

This year, I spent the Fourth of July away from home for only the second time ever. I believe my family celebrates more on the Fourth than any other holiday, and I like the small town celebrations with parades and picnics and fireworks so close they pound in your chest. But the first of my friends were getting married in Pennsylvania on July 2, so it seemed the ideal opportunity to spend the holiday in my favorite city – D.C. And really, what better city would there be to celebrate Independence Day?

I spent the early afternoon at my first baseball game – Nationals vs Mets. So exciting. My friend is crazy about baseball. And I just get excited whenever anyone else is excited. We didn’t stay the whole game; after 4 innings, the Nats hadn’t scored any. Still, I got to watch the Presidents race and got my picture taken with them. We ate the biggest pretzel I’ve ever seen in my life (ps. soft pretzel + whipped cream = amazing). Then the National Zoo! I always wanted to go, but it’s so far from the museums and I never knew how to get there. I’m completely in love with free zoos. All the standard animals were there – lions, tigers, zebras, small mammals, and apes. Plus, the National Zoo has pandas! It’s pretty much guaranteed I’ll be back there in future visits.

Then dinner near Dupont Circle at a cute little Greek cafe. I’ve realized Dupont Circle has become my go-to area when I’m in D.C. and need to find a restaurant or a coffee shop to hang out at. After dinner, we headed toward the Mall to watch the fireworks. Stopped for frozen yogurt on the way. Since my last trip to New York, I’ve been craving frozen yogurt, and Wisconsin – unsurprisingly – doesn’t really do fro-yo (we do this instead). I’ve now decided all frozen yogurt shops look pretentious and my standard fare is vanilla and strawberry yogurt with blueberries and almonds.

Fireworks at the Washington Monument were fun – as all fireworks are. It wasn’t nearly as crowded as I was expecting. The thing I just couldn’t get used to was the distance. Having a delay between the firework and the boom completely threw me off.  And I couldn’t help but think that the monument kinda just got in the way of the fireworks. I’m all about the clear open space. But I guess that’s the whole point. For anyone who didn’t know, at night, the Washington Monument has two red lights near the top that look like the angry eyes of a monster. And once I noticed, I couldn’t get over it for the rest of the night. But it was an absolutely beautiful night.


  1. Two words: sloth bears.

    • One word: Ligers

      • I concede defeat.

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