July 9, 2010

Everyone knows I’m addicted to personality tests and their ability to tell me something new about myself. And after some hunting through old blogs, I rediscovered the ultimate tool for helping me learn more about me (y’all better do this for me, even if you’ve done it before). See, I had a chat this past week and realized that my view of myself is not always in line with how others see me.

It’s strange – having someone mention a characteristic about myself that I never even considered. I guess as long as it’s not bad, I can let it slide without too much of a problem. But it does make me wonder how oblivious I am to parts of my personality. Or rather how much can’t I control because I don’t even realize it’s happening.  And vice versa – if I comment on myself and my friend has no idea what I’m talking about. In this case it tends to be a more negative characteristic. So am I just being unnecessarily insecure? Is my friend just being nice? Am I just getting better at toning down my bad qualities?

Then factor in time. If you ask me, I haven’t changed at all. Or rather, I’m of the opinion that I’ve always been the same and over time, I’ve just  become more accepting of who that is (which is change itself I guess). It’s kinda like how chili tastes better the next day. It’s all the same ingredients, but time helps them mesh in a  way that you can’t quite verbalize. But while I’m too biased to realize the change, it can be so obvious to someone else. Again, it’s the idea that someone else can tell me more about me than I can. It’s unsettling – and clearly illustrates I have some control issues.

Just for fun, for anyone who’s wondering how I’ve changed over time – you can see for youself. This is the same exercise from almost five years ago!



  1. hmmm… always want to be in control… 🙂

  2. […] a blog. « la di da. semantics. September 1, 2010 Remember a while back when I redid the personality square thing? Well, it inspired my sister to make one for herself. She had some interesting thoughts about it. […]

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