2 x 2.

July 16, 2010

New Moon – should I even comment on this one? I had heard the second movie was better than the first. Lies! I had forgotten that absolutely nothing happens in the second book – Bella’s depressed for six months and there’s no climax of any kind (no battle, no tragedy, no happy ending). It’s all “meaningful” glances and pauses in sentences.

Time Traveler’s Wife – yep, I was just on a roll with the bad movies. As far as romantic chick flicks go, this was not a good one. I mean, the plot is focused on a girl and her often absent husband. How this ended up as a cute romantic movie is beyond me. Take the same plot and substitute time traveling with some real – like work, or drinking, or cheating, or just being a bum – pretty much the same movie, but definitely not cute.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – I liked the first two books, so it was almost guaranteed I’d like this one. It was a little slower than the first two, but with a very similar plot and all the same  I was hoping for a more stand-alone story. But upon reading it, the second book seems much more like a filler. So if you’re going to read them – do it in order.

How Doctors Think – not a book I would ever have picked up if I didn’t work in the healthcare industry. But, surprisingly, I really liked it. It discusses, well, how doctors think – how they make cognitive mistakes like the rest of us. Somewhat enlightening. Though I think I’d rather be ignorant and have complete faith in my doctor that s/he won’t make mistakes.


  1. I saw “Eclipse”, no not Eclipse the car made by Mitsubishi, although that would’ve been more interesting. Guess I might’ve gotten more out of the movie if I were a teenager. I didn’t see “New Moon” so I don’t know if “Eclipse” was an improvement. There were some computer assisted battle scenes, some legendary tragedy, later imitated by Bella to the same effect but with little damage — a tragedy in itself, which means there’ll be another sequel and sequels.

  2. The Time Traveler’s Wife is probably a much better book than a movie. I haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t conclusively say for sure, but I definitely enjoyed the book.

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