August 4, 2010

I feel way behind on seeing this movie. It hasn’t even been out that long, but all the rave reviews I kept hearing made me feel behind the times. So much so that I almost went to see it by myself. On a Saturday night no less! Luckily, the housemate convinced me to go to a matinée on Sunday – which turned out to be an awesome idea because Sunday movies before noon are $5.

Overall, I was impressed. I have to note here that I did not have very high expectations. I love Christopher Nolan, but I was skeptical that he could continue his streak. That and the trailers made no sense – seemed like he was resting on his laurels. That being said – it did make sense. The concept clearly outshines the actual plot. I guess that’s to be expected when you have to do so much explaining. And on a totally unrelated note,  I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

So the big question – dream or not dream. My interpretation is that it wasn’t all a dream. And it wasn’t a dream at the end. This is completely based on nothing more than my personal belief that if the entire movie was a dream (or really even the end), then it’d be super lame. Essentially, if it’s a dream, anything can happen. Which results in freedom from any sort of logical scrutiny. Oh that didn’t make sense? Well, it was a dream, it didn’t have to. And the end? Seems a little bit like a cop-out – kinda Lady or the Tiger-ish. But, I like happy endings where things work out as planned. So I guess that’s how I’ll interpret it.

I also read two interesting articles on how Inception is mirroring movie-making, with all the characters playing the major roles of a production team. It’s the idea that film makers are essentially creating imaginary worlds for us – the audience – to get lost in. I love that. Thinking about it as this kind of parallel kinda wins me over. Nolan gets major points for this.


  1. I’m actually all about it being a dream and also all about it not really mattering which it was. I like to think of it instead artistically as an exercise in the shared dream state that a movie audience technically is. It also makes that last shot with the top a really awesome “kick”.

    As far as it being a dream or not a dream and why I don’t care: it’s because at the end Leo has found his closure and grown as a character, so it doesn’t matter if he’s dreaming. If inception was performed on Leo to get him to accept the loss of his wife by Ariadne (as some think it was) then it was successful either when he does wake up from the dream state he’s in or if he is in real life. Most people point to the fact that he does not have a wedding ring in all of the “reality” scenes as proof that he’s in reality and call his ring his totem, if that helps sway you one way or the other.

    I also love thinking about the movie as a parallel to filmmaking as well.

    • Agreed about it not really mattering if it was a dream for the story. That’s why it’s purely just my preference that it wasn’t, not for the storyline, but for how much thought had to go into making the movie understandable and “real”. It’s kinda the same reason why Superman is not as cool as Batman.

      Interesting point about the wedding ring – not something I would have ever noticed. Though if I had, I never would have thought his ring would be his totem. I would have thought it was just something his mind unconsciously did (in the same way you can change your clothes, etc).

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