August 14, 2010

I’m home again after three weeks of travel – Alabama, Philadelphia, New York and Atlanta. It’s felt like a crazy three weeks. I feel like I haven’t seen my housemates in weeks and all I want to do is sleep in my own bed. But it’s definitely had some great highlights

Philadelphia highlights

  1. I’m too old to be pulling all nighters. I didn’t in college and now is not the time to be picking up the habit
  2. Interesting stories from the cab driver taking me to the train station on crazy ladies and non-tipping bartenders.
  3. Never eating at the Hard Rock Café again. They have decided to put calories on their menu. It is not helpful and it makes everything unappetizing.

New York highlights

  1. Fancy dinner at Telepan. Four-course meal – all of which were delicious.
  2. Dancing at R Bar. Though it’s not a place I would have chosen (ew, red lighting) and their music selection was somewhat ADD. I haven’t been dancing in a while.
  3. Bubble Tea – I miss it so much
  4. Subway navigation – I am getting so good even though it still kinda freaks me out.

Atlanta highlights

  1. Airport love – ATL needs to teach every other airport how to run. Security in the US’s largest airport took less time than it usually takes me in MSN.
  2. Dinner at Nava with Erica.
  3. Everything about Atlanta is sprawling. The hospital, the airport, the city itself. Even compared to New York, everything I saw, I just thought “Oh my god, it’s so BIG” <do not insert that’s what she said joke – my blog is too classy for that>

One comment

  1. You’re not missing much by choosing not to eat at the Hard Rock. Talk about overpriced food in an overrated atmosphere…

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