August 21, 2010

Inspired by Min’s post on pet peeves, I thought I would come up with my own. And then, as I started, all my pet peeves are either totally ridiculous or make me feel hypocritical. So that idea was out. Instead I made a list of things that win you major points with me – pretty much regardless of everything else you would do.

  1. Dressing well. I may just be biased toward good-looking people, but dressing well is major plus points.
  2. Being vetted by the family. My family has a weird ability to weed out bad people.
  3. Story-telling ability. Some people have it. Some people don’t. If you can make even the most mundane story interesting; I love you.
  4. Making decisions – it’s strange how much this matters to me, especially since I am terrible about making decisions

Then, after making this list, I realized that I’m a really just a sucker for charming people. Ask anyone and they would come up with the same list I just did. I just like likeable people! There must be more things I like than just the basics. So here is my list of automatic wins.

  1. Be able to discuss music – I don’t have to like your music, but I’m friends with very few people who can’t carry on the music conversation. If you can’t do music, movies will suffice.
  2. Be judgmental – I will pass judgment on your outfit, your taste in music, your Facebook interests, pretty much everything. I like people who will do the same – though not to the extent of actually being prejudice or closed-minded.
  3. Get excited about the little things – I just watched my co-worker get super excited about a graph he made in Excel. He proceeded to show it to everyone and the grin on his face was so big. It made me really happy (and it was really cool).
  4. Be a little bit random – pull questions out of nowhere, have a random thought. I dislike people who are too ADHD, but I also dislike people who just stare at you when you make an off-topic comment.

One comment

  1. Charming people are by definition whom other people like (suck onto). No surprise there.

    A bit random / making an off-topic comment can be charming too.

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