September 18, 2010

A while back, I had a terrible evening. It all started because I had scheduled a payment for my credit card for the wrong date. Then proceeded to not realize this until the day after it was due. Quite sad. Especially since I chose to ignore the email reminders because I knew that I had scheduled a payment (and didn’t think to double check).

So, never having not paid a credit card on time, I have no idea how the fees and interest really work. If I don’t pay the late fee, does it count as balance that they will then charge interest on? If I don’t pay the interest, then will that count as balance for which they can charge more interest? It’s all very confusing to me. Plus, I refuse to try to call this company because not only does it take me forever to reach an actual person, it actually takes me forever to even find the number I’m suppose to call. After hunting for a number for about 10 minutes, and even trying one out, I gave up. So I just overpaid to cover my balance, the late fee, the interest, and a little bit more just for good measure.

Then, while trying to make my payment, I get a nice little alert that I’m over the credit limit on my other card. That’s never happened before either. Does that mean more fees? What happens to the purchase that pushed me over the limit (because it looked like one of the plane tickets I bought to get to a wedding)? Can I pay off some of that card so that I’m back under the limit? And why in the world is my limit so low? Luckily, this card company has the Live Chat option. Best thing ever – because it’s really easy to just ask your question and get an answer. So I chatted with a nice lady online, who was able to tell me that I wouldn’t get any fee and that I wasn’t truly over my limit. This was only slightly troublesome because I didn’t understand her explanation of why I wasn’t over my limit and it’s harder to ask clarifying questions online.

And THEN, I had to talk to Sprint customer service to get some help on working my phone. This was quite difficult because I could easily explain my problem, but had a very hard time explaining what I tried to do to fix it. I was transferred very quickly from basic customer service to more technical help. The woman who helped me was actually really great. She probably thought I was an idiot because I spent about five minutes trying to get the battery out of my phone (it was really hard!). But Sprint customer service now definitely wins. I lost the call partway through while we were waiting for my phone to start up again. This is the worst because you can never call them back and get the same person. But Sprint actually called me back to see if everything was working once the phone started! I was very happy with that phone call.



  1. Sprint customer service is GREAT on the phone. But DO NOT try to get help in a Sprint store! That is the worst. It’s always best to just call them; the phone staff is usually quite helpful and knowledgeable.

    • Yep. I liked it best that they only did minimal basic tech support and then transferred me quickly for better technical help.

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