September 20, 2010

I’m going to be trying something new again. Since April I’ve been lax on the blog updating. Which is hardly even true. It just went from almost three times a week to maybe once every 10 days. But recently I just haven’t had time. And more importantly, I haven’t had anything to say. For some reason, I feel like I’ve got no deep thoughts left on anything.

But I still seem to have somewhat shallow thoughts on everything. They just don’t make it into full-blown posts. So my new plan, to keep me posting regularly, is to change it up a little bit. Blog posts will now be shorter and hopefully more frequent – with longer posts interspersed when I’ve got the time and ideas.



  1. Isn’t that called twitter? 🙂

    I think long or short posts at will are just perfect. Sometimes I do my blogs in Chinese one time and English the next, or sometimes I simply post a picture of a dish that I just cooked. Basically I think a blog is a frame of image of a long or short period in a life, or a thought process, or an idea, which when we look back at it in a few years, we may or may not agree or, find the same dish as tasty.

    • You have a blog? Why don’t I have a link?

      • msn spaces can be retarded. I’ve been thinking about migrating to something cleaner.

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