September 27, 2010

I went to New Glarus this past weekend for their Oktoberfest festival. I love going to this little town. It’s always fun and the town is just so cute. This weekend was one classy weekend. Highlights from Saturday:

  • Woman in the gold lame pants, with matching gold frilly purse. Not only did we see her, but we overheard her friend tell her, “Oh, you look great!”
  • Man wearing the I ❤ To Fart shirt. Girl wearing the jeans with side cutouts from hip to ankle. Motorcycle group with assless chaps (yes, they were wearing jeans underneath). Classy all around.
  • Toddler in a cute little German outfit – similar to this, but with a plaid shirt and better socks.
  • Toddlers playing leapfrog. This would not normally be adorable, except these two kids were too small to actually jump over each other. Result: they only ever made it about half way over the other, or rather, they just kinda fell on top of each other a lot.
  • Festival food – pint of Moon Man, apple brat with sauerkraut and mustard, part of a giant pretzel, cheese samples

Can you tell all I notice is fashion and babies?


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