October 19, 2010

My mom complained to me the other weekend about how my aunt (her sister) had left her an unreasonable number of voicemail messages. My mom had landed at LGA and had to make her way to JFK to go on a cruise with my aunt, who was meeting her at JFK from Connecticut. My aunt had then left my mom 10 messages between the time of landing at LGA and meeting up with her at JFK. According to my mom, this was ridiculous. Who needs to leave that many messages in such a short time period?

On first glance, yes, it was totally unnecessary. On second glance though, don’t I do the same thing? The only difference is I have a growing tendency to text rather than leave voicemails. In fact, my mom happened to be telling me this story while we were in line for a taxi at LGA – during which, I easily texted my sister (who we were visiting) at least 10 times. Send a text when you land. Send a text when you’re waiting for luggage. Send a text to say you’ll catch a cab. Send a text to say the taxi line is longer than expected. Send a text to say order dinner. Send a text once you’re in the cab. Throw in a couple questions and a couple confirmations and I’ve quickly exceeded the necessary number of notifications. My sister probably would have been fine if we just showed up in the cab without even telling her we landed (she had an email with our itinerary).

It’s a strange thing to realize you think of your life in status updates. I didn’t even realize I did it. Or maybe everyone does, but now, you can actually do something about it. Post it to Twitter. Text it to a friend. Update on Facebook. Anything I’m doing – I can somehow parse it down to just a sentence or two. It’s a bad habit. Then it’s just a decision about who actually needs to know – everyone, a couple of people, one person, or no one.

Side note: Possible new life strategy – don’t do anything that doesn’t sound awesome as a status update. I think that could actually turn out pretty interesting.



  1. Haha just don’t turn into a drama queen constantly seeking ‘interesting’ messes to make in your life!

    When I was in college, people used to tease me about my ‘soap opera’ social life. Interesting for updates, but crazy stupid for actual living.

  2. Some time ago I heard about this “random status update generator” that makes up stuff like “Paul is chewing on double-cooked noodles with balsamic vinaigrette sauce at upstate correctional facility.”

    Most of the randomly generated statuses are quite awesome, in my opinion.

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