November 12, 2010

I watched two news stories this morning. One about the new packaging plan for cigarettes to make smoking less appealing. The other about the controversial book on Amazon – The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure. Without doing any further research into either topic, these are my thoughts.

Cigarette packaging – From what I gathered, the new plan is to have nice little “no smoking” ads on about 50% of the package. These ads would be pictures of destroyed lungs or teeth or people with cancer – with generic statements like “Smoking can cause cancer”. The point is that you can’t miss a warning that’s so significant on the package. I’m not really all for it though. Every single smoker I know knows it’s bad for their health – they still do it. And if I was a smoker (or even though I’m not but I do see cigarettes being sold when I’m in a convenience store), I do not need to see those same pictures of lungs that I used to see in health class. Personally, I think this seems like an unnecessary attack on smokers. Maybe we should put pictures of extremely obese people (naked to make it even more shocking) on bags of junk food or soda. I bet no one would walk down that aisle in the grocery store anymore.

Controversial book – Of course people are outraged at Amazon selling a book entitled “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure”. This would be a simple story if that was just the title and it was some fictional story that didn’t really have to do with pedophiles. Except that’s not the case. Apparently it’s a book that lays out a code of conduct for these people. The author stated his intention is to make juveniles safer by laying out rules for this type of person to follow, so no one gets hurt. Good intentions, but really? Do they need a book about how to act? It would be like writing a code of conduct for potential rapists. Don’t do it. What else is there to say? I have less of a problem with Amazon selling the book than I do with the fact it was written and the people who would buy it. Though I imagine if I had children, I might also be angry at the seller as well.

My sister brought up the point that a book like this might be good because our society in general does not actively try to help people who think they might be inclined to pedophilia (or any number of other problems). The general idea is that only after you do something bad, then we’ll try to rehabilitate you. But on further research into this book, it is not just a book to help you deal with ways to avoid pedophilia, but does have “how-to” parts. That is not ok. And it seems Amazon has taken the book down.



  1. I realize you said it as satire, but I probably would buy less junk food if it was covered with pictures of naked fat people. Sounds kind of effective to me.

    Regarding the book, like you I have less of a problem with the fact that someone wrote it(freedom of speech blah blah blah), than that Amazon and the publisher gave the thumbs for it. I think somebody dropped the ball..

    • Wait, I’m OK with Amazon selling it, I don’t think it should have been written – especially after reading that excerpt.

      • Oh opps, I misread what you wrote.

        I guess I disagree then. I think people should be allowed to write whatever they want(and likewise read whatever they want). I just don’t think it should be promoted, sold or bought, if you don’t agree with the material.

  2. I like the obese picture idea. 🙂

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