November 14, 2010

10 random thoughts from the last several weeks:

  1. Time at the beach solves everything. The only other thing that even comes close to giving me the same feeling is watching traffic from high up.
  2. New Yorkers either dress really really well or really really terribly. Wisconsinites always always dress in between. Advice of the day: jeans and a decent T-shift take just as much effort as sweatpants and a crappy T-shirt.
  3. Drinking in first class without eating is a terrible idea. I have no idea how much I’m drinking and I get a little air sick without drinking. White wine is usually better than the red too.
  4. I don’t “get” modern art. But it can still amuse me for hours. Also, I like the building of the MoMA better than the art.
  5. Sad discovery: Korean food is my last choice in Asian food. And Asian food is the best take-out.
  6. Somehow I fail at using faucets in New York. It makes me feel stupid and it seems to be a problem only in that city.
  7. Friendly racists baffle me. I don’t know what to do with them.
  8. I have a new-found love for blazers. They look good on most people, always make you look put together, and they keep you warm. Perfection!
  9. Hard suitcases are not as good as soft. But having four wheels is the best.
  10. Big purses – Awesome because I can carry my entire life in them. Awful because I can never find anything again.

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