November 21, 2010

I’m sick. Not “coughing up a lung” sick. Not “throwing up” sick. Not “can’t get out of bed” sick. Just the good old “I feel weak and my throat hurts and I’m having weird temperature issues” sick. Enough that I went home early two days in a row and left my gym class early the third day. This is no time for me to be getting sick. It’s the holidays, the boyfriend is visiting and I have trips scheduled for three weeks in a row.

I have a sneaking suspicion this is because I decided to forgo my flu shot. I elected that half an hour of work was more important than waiting in line. Though I think it would have to be more karma than the actual shot. I never even got flu shots up until my senior year at college and I haven’t been sick in 6 years. Not since that terrible cough freshman year when I pulled a muscle. And that wasn’t even really sick.

Or it could be due to being around sick customers for several weeks. Between customers who had pneumonia one after the other and the one who had pneumonia that turned into hypoxia – I think the odds were against me. Or it could be traveling back and forth between cold normal November weather (in NY and WI) and the still warm South (AL and FL). Is anyone’s body really meant to make that change so quickly?

I tried so hard to avoid being sick. I tried to not eat terribly while in Alabama. I started taking a multi-vitamin (specifically for females!), which is the hardest habit for me to acquire. I attempted to sleep as much as I could. It just didn’t do the trick. So here’s to myspeedy recovery.



  1. Think of it this way — once a while your immune system needs a work up. As people say: If it doesn’t kill you, you’ll come out of it stronger. Recover soon. 🙂

  2. The body is most certainly not meant for drastic changes such as your body goes through while traveling for your job. Hot, cold, long nights, short nights, even changes in pressure depending on where you are in the U.S. can directly affect your health. It is one of the hardest things to stay healthy while traveling. The other big thing I found that plays into being sick is airplanes. They are a petri dish of circulated air crawling with germs.

    I wish you a quick recovery and future good health.

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