ny style.

November 23, 2010

It’s official. New York makes me feel like I dress badly. It also kinda makes me feel fat – though that may be due more to having gained 10 lbs in the last month than anything else. Either way, New York did not help, since all I ever do there is eat, sleep and drink. But seriously, for the amount that I look at fashion and pass judgment on how people look, you’d think I would look a little better. But my T-shirt and jeans preference is only overcome by my dislike for being under-dressed (which luckily doesn’t happen too often at home).

Everyone’s skinny in New York. It’s not that they’re just not fat, everyone’s actually skinny. Perhaps this is exemplified by the fact they wear skinny jeans and tight dresses and high heels. But it seems even the skinny people want to be skinnier. I sat in an elevator listening to a girl about my height discuss with her boyfriend/husband how she would just feel better if she was 105 lbs. The guy is like “Well, I don’t want you to starve yourself”. Then they realized this is an awkward discussion in an elevator with other people. And I realized I would probably think similarly if I never saw people who were larger than me too.

Then there’s the fashion sense. It’s a different world from the Midwest. The whole sweatshirt/jeans with makeup and hair, pretty much non-existent. Almost everyone has at least one “hot at the moment” item on. I imagine it would feel a little like an arms race in order to stay on top of the trends. You would be forced to shop every season. But what surprised me the most is the effect on guys was just as noticeable (if not more so) than the girls. If they weren’t in suits for work, then they were in button-downs or trendy T-shirts or fancy sneakers or nice wool jacket + scarf (or all of the above). First, it’s November. While it is cold enough to warrant a jacket, the scarf is completely unnecessary and therefore only decorative. Second, I’m very happy it’s not one-sided.

I secretly want to dress like a New Yorker but without all that effort. Chances of that happening: 0.


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